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On-going Studies

  1. Treatment outcome monitoring (TOM) for patients with addiction(s)

    TOM is part of the treatment process where over six months, staff monitors the effectiveness of treatment on patients with addictions. This will also help determine factors that may contribute to different clinical outcomes across the various addiction populations.

  2. Understanding the epigenetic mechanisms behind pathological gambling and its links with substance addiction – a pilot study

    This collaborative study between NAMS and the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences, A*Star, examines the epigenetic mechanisms behind pathological gambling (PG) and alcohol dependence (AD). It also seeks to determine possible biological differences among people with PG and AD and those without any of these disorders.

  3. Substance use and unnatural deaths: A retrospective study on profiles of substance abusers in Singapore

    This exploratory study aims to profile the socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of substance abusers who have died from unnatural deaths through the analysis of retrospective data. The results can provide insights to improve management of patients with addiction.

  4. Neurobiology of Addiction

    Part of a multi-phasic study, this study aims to investigate the genetics and neurobiology of addiction involving the analysis of biological specimens obtained from participants with a family history of substance use disorders and their family members. A collaborative project with the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*Star, the findings from this can inform the current treatment regimen.

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