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It is Essential for Family to be Involved

Very often, it is difficult to broach the topic of addiction. Families and friends of women with addictions should understand that a gentle and supportive approach helps. What helps women to seek treatment is positive family support and intervention.

Recovery together

Family dynamics is an extremely powerful factor in addiction recovery. When the family begins to improve communication, it can be a very strong encouragement​ for​​ women to get help. This can also lead the family onto a path towards recovery and even self-discovery.

Women's gender roles can prevent them from getting the help they need. Some women may feel the pull of their families or their work obligations and they may drop out of their treatment programs as a result. However, dropping out could increase the risk of them returning to their addiction. Furthermore, the relapse is accompanied by a sense of failure and hopelessness because these women believe they cannot get better.

As the women go through recovery (and make changes) so will their family. Addiction is a family disease; while addiction affects the entire family, recovery involves the entire family as well.

There is hope

Women can definitely get better in addiction treatment programs.

Addiction makes one feel lonely and isolated. Positive support ​is essential to the recovery of women with addiction as well as the family. The good news is, when women are on the path of recovery, so are the involved family members.

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