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About ARC
Addiction Recovery College

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About ARC 

Addiction is a complex mental health condition that causes physical and psychological dependence on a substance or behaviour. Helping people with addiction requires a multifaceted approach to empower them and their caregivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the addiction and work towards recovery.


To be regional tertiary college of excellence and leader in innovating addiction education.


Develop a culture of learning and recovery by adopting an educational approach to engage the public on addiction prevention, treatment and wellness.

Core Values

Engage. Educate. Empower.

At ARC, we aim to create a welcoming, safe and conducive environment so participants can find out more about various addictions and learn practical steps to guide them towards recovery.

For list of professional/practitioner courses, click here.

We also look forward to collaborating with our community partners and other external agencies to build capabilities and equip them with knowledge and expertise so that together, we can be more effective in helping people with addiction problems and their families.

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