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National Addictions Management Service

National Addictions Management Service - Institute of Mental Health

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Our Treatment Programmes


The road to recovery is different for every individual.
At NAMS, our multidisciplinary team of addiction experts offer a range of services to meet each person's unique needs.
This includes assessment, inpatient detox programme, aftercare support groups for our clients and their families.


The first step towards recovery is an important one. We are here to assist and support you and your family.​


Take The First Step

It takes time for recovery to take place. You may have may questions and feel anxious and uncertain.

What is necessary, however, is to initiate action and take the first step.​

​​Call our All Addictions 6-RECOVER Helpline at 6-7326837

Call our All Addictions
6-RECOVER Helpline
at 6-7326837, and speak to one of our patient, professional and discreet para-counsellors.

schedule appointments

We accept walk-ins for
new clients. If we are unable to see you due to high patient volume, we will gladly make an appointment for you.​

financial consultation 

Our Medical Social Worker (MSW) can provide financial consultation should
you require it.​​​​​​​

Live Webchat

Live Webchat

Get in touch with our para-counsellors for advice on all addictions issues in real-time via this online web counselling service, from 8.30am to 9pm.


Be A Volunteer

Online Interactive Self-help Workbook on Problem Gambling​

Find out more about about your gambling behavior.

  • ​Know if you are at risk
  • Know if you are gambling too much
  • Analyse your gambling situaton
  • Learn tips on dealing with your situation
      This workbook is available in
      both English and Chinese.​

Addiction Recovery College (ARC)

Addiction Recovery College (ARC)

An educational arm of NAMS, ARC provides a range of courses, workshops and resources for the public and persons recovering from addictions or addiction-related issues and their families.​​​

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All addictions: 6-7326837, Gambling helpline: 1-800-6-668-668