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Internet and Gaming
How to Help Your Loved One

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The Internet has become a fun and useful tool but it can lead to compulsive behaviour. People end up being addicted to online gaming or online porn and end up neglecting other aspects of their lives.

Gaming and Internet addiction is every bit as serious as more "mainstream" addictions like drugs, alcohol or gambling. More importantly, it is just as treatable.

Advice for Families and Friends

When does a behaviour become an addiction? If you are worried that a loved one might be addicted, call our para-counsellors for advice (all calls are confidential).

Helping your loved one with internet addiction

If you suspect that your child or teenager suffers from an addiction to the Internet, here are some things other parents have tried with some success:

  • Monitor computer use: Get your child away from the computer or smartphone and get him or her to engage in outdoor activities.
  • Set an example: You're probably guilty of using the computer too much too. Cut down on your own use and instead, spend time helping your child with homework, playing a board game, or engaging in some other fun family activity.
  • Talk to your loved one: If your child constantly wants to be on the computer, tell your child that you are concerned about the amount of time that he/she spends online.

We are here

Don't be afraid to get professional help if you think your child suffers from an Internet addiction. Call our All Addictions helpline about any questions that may arise regarding your loved one's possible addiction.

We will be there to answer your questions when you call 6-RECOVER (6-7326837).

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