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Inpatient Detoxification
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The First Step is Important

Taking the first step in addiction recovery is crucial, as it signifies your commitment to change. It takes courage, but you are not alone. We are here to suport you.

Serenity Centre

At the Serenity Centre, we are dedicated to helping individuals by addressing their addictions in a supportive environment and equipping them with the necessary tools to manage their recovery.

Our inpatient ward provides a safe environment where individuals can heal, supported by professionals and recovering peers who understand the challenges of addiction. Our inpatient programme consists of two phases: Detoxification and Rehabilitation. These phases are specifically designed to address the needs of individuals seeking recovery, including those with cormorbid mental health conditions.

Detoxification Programme

To recover from substance addiction, a formal detox period is the first stage of recovery. It prepares you physically and mentally before engaging in the rest of the rehabilitation process.

Generally, if you are substance dependent, you will experience very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when you discontinue your drug use. Our detoxification programme offers up to 7 days of support to help you relieve acute physical and emotional distress. Our clinicians will closely monitor withdrawal symptoms and offer care to ensure a safe detoxification process.

This programme aims to:

  • Help you manage your withdrawal symptoms with the use of medications
  • Support your recovery journey using motivational techniques
  • Integrate treatement to address the needs of individuals with cormorbid mental health conditions

Rehabilitation Programme

After you get through the withdrawal phase, you can choose to participate in the inpatient rehabilitation programme. Rehabilitation is the foundation for recovery.

Our rehabilitation programme combines evidence-based therapies, counselling, and holistic approaches to keep you on track. You may choose to undergo the modular programme for up to three weeks and benefit from our multidisciplinary team that will help you reach your goals.

The programme focuses on helpling you to:

  • Understand the addiction and recovery processes
  • Manage your emotions including depression, anxiety, anger and stress
  • Rebuild relationships and cultivate a healthy lifestyle
  • Learn about relapse prevention
  • Connect with recovery support services in the community

During your stay, we highly encourage you to take advantage of the various talks and sessions conducted by Occupational Therapist and community partners, such as WE CARE Community Services, Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Industrial & Services Co-Operative Society Ltd (ISCOS). These talks provide insights, support and guidance from experienced professionals and individuals who have walked a similar path. 

In addition to attending these talks, we also emphasize the importance of collaboratively develop a discharge plan (which may include placement in halfway houses, and/or assistance from various government services) with your assigned counsellor. This will outline the steps and resources required to support your transistion from the inpatient programme to the next phase of your recovery journey.

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Individualised Treatment

Your treatment plan may include:

  • Medical care
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Psychoeducation on addiction-related issues
  • Recovery support groups and family psycho-educational group
  • Occupational therapy-based programme
  • Case management

Admission to Serenity Centre:

Admission to the detoxification programme is based on doctor's assessment of your medical needs. You or your loved ones may either refer yourself or get a referral from General Practitioners/ Polyclinics, Singapore Armed Forces, Ministry of Social and Family Development, helplines, social service agencies, or other relevant sources.

The admission criteria are as follows:

  • 18 years old and above
  • Diagnosed with substance use disorder or gambling disorder

Enrolment for rehabilitation will be based on an assessment of your rehabilitation needs and level of motivation. Programmes will be tailored to meet your needs.

If you need help, or if you know someone who needs help, please call our All Addictions Helpline at 6-RECOVER (6-7326837) to make an appointment.

To learn more, you may download our educational brochures.

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