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Specialises in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of persons with addictions.

Psychologist / Counsellor

Uses psychotherapy to treat addictions, to enable patients to cope better and improve their sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Occupational Therapist

Focuses on helping our patients to become independent by providing assessments, recommendations, and interventions to improve levels of functioning.

Family Therapist

Addresses the well-being of caregivers and family members of people with addictions, and assists them in dealing with issues arising from living with or supporting our patients.

Medical Social Worker

Provides social work services such as financial assessments and recommendations for our patients who need financial aid for treatment in hospitals and the community.

Clinic Staff

NAMS Clinic is run by a team comprising the Clinic Manager, Executives and Patient Service Associates (PSAs). The team ensures the smooth running of the clinic operations and quality of service delivery.

Nursing Team

Helps to implement the care plan in the ward, which includes administering medication, taking care of inpatients, and providing medical information such as psychoeducation.


The research team coordinates and runs research studies/trials, prepares academic papers, participates in conferences and works on grant applications.


Coordinates and facilitates the development and implementation of operational, administrative procedures and strategies to support clinical service delivery, quality initiatives, community partnerships, training and outreach/ education.

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