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How to Care For Yourself As a Caregiver

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A loved one's addiction issues can severely impact family and friends as well. Family members often struggle to cope and may experience their own mental health problems as a result.

That's why it is important for family members to get support. Family members who receive counselling or attend support groups experience less emotional distress. Partners who go through couple therapy experience healthier relationships and lower the risk of domestic violence than those who do not receive any form of help.

Become Part of the Solution

Family involvement in treatment increases treatment compliance and enhances the outcome for the person with addiction. If a family can get psychological help, they can break the negative cycle, learn positive coping mechanisms and play a major part to their loved one's recovery.

You don't have to do it alone. Call our All Addiction 6-RECOVER Helpline at 6-7326837 to talk to someone confidentially for more information.

To learn more, you may download our educational brochure.


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