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ReLive - Clinic for Adolescents

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ReLive - Clinic for Adolescents 

Adolescents (age 13-18) tend to be impulsive and easily influenced by their peers. For these reasons, they are at high risk of substance abuse, including binge drinking, inhalant addiction as well as addiction to gambling and excessive gaming or Internet use problems.

At NAMS, we have a clinic specially set up to provide an integrated treatment service for adolescents struggling with substance and or behavioural addiction issues. The NAMS' ReLive team, which consists of professional counsellors, are trained to work with young people to help them overcome their addiction issues. They will work in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists including a psychiatrist, psychologist, family therapist and medical social worker to help the adolescent client​.

Treatment Overview

  • Assessment by doctor and counsellor
  • Individual counselling
  • Group treatment
  • Family support group

The adolescent client will receive intensive individual counselling to help him break the habit. If he has dropped out of school, he will be encouraged to go back to school. The counsellor will work closely with the school counsellor, probation officer and the family to consolidate the overall treatment.

Treatment will include group therapy focussing on life skills and helping the adolescent to reintegrate back to the family and community. Family therapy is also provided as it is crucial that the adolescent receives the encouragement and support of his family, especially his parents.

Parental consent is needed for treatment at NAMS. We also accept referrals from schools, polyclinics, Family Service Centres and relevant government agencies. Appointments can be made by calling the All Addictions Helpline at 6-RECOVER (6-7326837).

To learn more, you may download our educational brochures.


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