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In order to encourage a person into treatment, it helps to know how to start the conversation about inhalant use. You are more likely to reduce resistance and negative reactions when you are more prepared for the conversation. You can equip yourself with some knowledge on common effects of and reasons for inhalant use. Being mindful of the need to adopt a curious mindset will be greatly helpful. If your agenda is to get him to admit to drug use, you might miss out on having a conversation that might lead the person to share his concern, much less to seek help for it. You might also be perceived as interrogative and not interested in him as a person. Speak to the person calmly and tell him/her that you will get him the help that he needs. Treatment is available at NAMS for inhalant addiction.

Be prepared that the person might not admit that he has a problem, or ready to make a change to seek treatment. You might need more than one conversation before you can get the chance to talk to them about seeking treatment.

Call our All Addictions Helpline at 6-RECOVER (6-7326837) to make an appointment or to find out more.​

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