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Signs & Symptoms

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​Signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence

  • You can't control your drinking;
  • When you don't drink, you feel anxious, nauseous and start sweating.
  • You crave alcohol;
  • You get annoyed when people criticise you about your drinking;
  • You regularly drink more than you planned;
  • You need alcohol to steady your nerves;
  • You feel bad or guilty about drinking.

Consequences of excessive drinking

Alcohol affects your behaviour, judgment, coordination, concentration and emotions. If you drink compulsively, you might:

  • Have an accident;
  • Become a victim of crime;
  • Strain your relationship with your family, friends or colleagues;
  • Lose your job;
  • Get involved in anti-social or criminal behaviour;
  • Develop chronic diseases;
  • Contract sexually transmitted diseases; and
  • Have long-term health damaging effects.

To learn more, you may download our educational brochure.

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