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Recovery through Support and Empowerment (ReSEt) provides an environment where participants can practice and develop life skills such as communication and stress management skills. It

  1. Helps clients adopt a new and healthy lifestyle
  2. Give them opportunities to rediscover meaningful occupations
  3. Pursue valued roles

Activities are run once a month and all activities are client-led and OT facilitated. This means that a recovering person who is part of ReSEt can take the lead in planning an activity they think others will enjoy.

Members are encouraged to try new activities and to share with others the activities that they enjoy. This is important as one of the challenges in recovery is to spend time, which would otherwise go to the addiction, on healthy activities. Recovery is about rebuilding lives and doing something enjoyable and healthy is essential to this.

Ask your counsellor or doctor about ReSEt and meet other people who have made recovery a way of life.

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