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Working with Families Affected by Addiction
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​Title:Working with Families affected by Addiction

6 & 7 February 2023, Mon & Tue

Time:​9am to 5pm

NAMS Clinic, Meeting Room 1-3
(We are located at the Institute of Mental Health, 10 Buangkok View, Basement 1, Singapore 539747)

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$253.34 (exclusive of GST)

$273.60 (inclusive of GST) Two tea breaks per day will be provided.

Lunch will not be provided and participants can make their way to the canteen or nearby food courts/coffee shops

Trainer:Ms Habibah Abdul Karim, Senior Counsellor

The impact of addiction extends beyond the person with addiction, and often impacts the family too. It disrupts family life and causes many negative consequences. As such, it is paramount for the family to develop a good understanding on addiction, the recovery journey and how they can provide healthy support to their loved ones. While doing so, it is also important for them to identify their personal needs and care for themselves. This will benefit both parties and help achieve a better treatment outcome. This workshop will discuss the need for family members to better understand addiction and how they can be involved in the recovery journey of their loved ones. It will provide helpful information on how family can better manage crisis situations, enhance their resilience, and take charge of their own growth and recovery.

  • Impact of addiction on families
  • What stops family members seeking help?
  • Facilitating Family Meetings (including skills practice with role-play)
  • Enhanced their helping skills and knowledge, and help them feel more confident about communicating with family members
  • Have a greater understanding of substance misuse, drinking or gambling problems from a whole family perspective
  • Develop skills to manage meetings with family members
  • Feel confident about making appropriate and sensitive recommendations to family members about obtaining information, help and support for themselves
​Suitable For:
Social workers, counsellors and case managers who are providing support for caregivers/family members of addicts.


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