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Pain and Pleasure: Psycho-Emotional and Consequential Disordered Behaviors
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​Title:​Pain and Pleasure: Psycho-Emotional States and Consequential Disordered Behaviours
​Dates:25 & 26 April 2019 (Thursday and Friday)
Time:​9am to 5pm

​NAMS Clinic, Meeting Room 1-3
(we are located at the Institute of Mental Health, 10 Buangkok View,  
Basement 1, Singapore 539747)

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​Tea Breaks:

​Two tea breaks per day will be provided.

Lunch will not be provided and participants can make their way to the canteen or nearby food courts/coffee shops


$240.00 (exclusive of GST)

$256.80 (inclusive of GST)


Alvin Cheong Wah Loong,
Senior Counsellor


The Limbic System in the brain is core to the survival of any living thing. It detects environmental stimuli and determines if they are threatening, friendly or neutral. Threatening stimuli cause pain and a deep sense of helplessness; exposure of threatening stimuli at young age or repeatedly over a length of time result in cognitive distortions, emotional dysregulation and disordered behaviours such as inability to trust people, difficulty in identifying emotions and body sensations, unexplainable chronic psychosomatic pain, etc. Some people cope with the use of drugs, or self-medicate or repeatedly return to behaviors that bring about a sense of relief or pleasure to numb the pain, which includes excessive use of the computer/electronic gadgets, sex, gambling, and many others.

This two-day workshop helps mental health practitioners to understand the pain-pleasure mechanism in the brain, explaining how people get addicted and the challenges in helping them. Participants will also learn the importance of verbalising and regulating emotions and body sensations, and get the chance to practice these skills without having to know too much of the traumatic history.

​Suitable For:Doctors, psychologists, counsellors or any others who are working in the health and social services. 


Registration Deadline: Friday, 5 April 2019

* To register, please email us at

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