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Sharing by our Healthcare Professionals

A psychologist and counsellors from the National Addictions Service share their advice on overcoming addictions.

Gambling Addiction
Lawrence Tan
Senior Psychologist

Gambling addiction often breaks up the family because of the relationship and financial problems arising from it. Help is available at NAMS to help you break your gambling addiction.

For family members, we have a slew of programmes to help them support the gambler in his recovery. Click here for more information.


Alcohol Addiction
Suresh Anantha
Principal Counsellor

Alcoholism is a disease like any other. For family members, instead of fighting with a loved one who is suffering from alcoholism, help him fight the disease and get professional help to overcome his drinking problem. And the good news is that alcoholism is treatable – the earlier you seek treatment, the easier it is to treat it.


Internet / Gaming Addiction
Jayanthi Manohar

When your child crosses the healthy limit playing internet and computer games, he needs professional help to stop his internet/gaming addiction from ruining his life. Here in NAMS, treatment is tailored to the child’s needs with the support of the family which is an important part of the recovery process. We also have support groups for the parents of adolescents who are addicted to internet gaming.


Drug Addiction
Tan Ming Hui

Recovery from drug addiction is a lifelong process. Here in NAMS, drug addicts learn how to build healthy relationships with family and friends, cope with life stressors and stay drug-free.



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