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Research Internship Opportunities

We are living application for Research internship from responsible individuals who can commit for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Those with basic knowledge in SPSS and Excel will be given preference. Please drop us an email with your CV and qualifications.




Drug and Alcohol Review

Naltrexone in the treatment of male alcoholics - an effectiveness study in Singapore.

Don't Gamble Your Life Away!

This book, the first written locally on pathological gambling, addresses the concerns of gamblers and their families.
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Research Projects

Treatment outcome monitoring for addiction patients

NAMS seeks to make a positive and long-lasting impact on patients’ lives. Hence, monitoring how our patients are doing, both during and after treatment is important to us.

Lofexidine Study: A double-blind randomised controlled clinical trial of Lofexidine versus Diazepam in the management of the opioid withdrawal syndrome during inpatient detoxification in Singapore

At NAMS IMH, many opiate patients undergoing inpatient detoxification leave prematurely because of the severity of unpleasant their withdrawal symptoms.​

Exploring the epigenetic mechanisms behind pathological gambling and its links with substance addiction – a pilot study

Epigenetics is a relatively new area of research, with studies focusing predominantly on cancer, and only recently on psychiatric disorders and addictions.

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