Signs of Drug Addiction
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 Signs of Drug Addiction

Do you notice a family member or friend ...

  • Preoccupied with finding and consuming drugs?
  • Taking drugs secretly?
  • Frequently changing jobs and getting into trouble (e.g. fights, accidents, illegal activities)?
  • Often falling sick from lack of sleep and skipping meals?
  • Dropping in attendance and performance at work or school?
  • Feeling exhausted, depressed or suicidal?
  • Lack of motivation; appearing lethargic or "spaced out"?

If you do, then the person may be addicted to drugs and we strongly encourage you to talk to us today.

Help is available

Drug addiction is a disease. It often ends up taking over the person’s life. Recovery from addiction is a life long process. Unless there is intervention, the addiction may eventually lead to problems with the law, severe health problems and even premature death.

Call us at 6389 2200 to make an appointment or 6-RECOVER (6-7326837) to find out more.

For information : 6389 2000
To make an appointment : 6389 2200
All Addictions Helpline : 6-RECOVER (6-7326837)
National Problem Gambling Helpline: 1800-6-668-668

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