Drug Addiction
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 Drug Addiction

Hooked On Drugs

People who experiment with drugs continue to use them because the substance either makes them feel good or stops them from feeling uncomfortable. In many cases, there is a fine line between regular use and drug abuse and addiction. 

You can be addicted to illegal drugs or prescription drugs. You are hooked on drugs if you continue to use them even though you know that they are harmful. With drug addiction, you have a craving for the drug. You want to quit but as with most people who are addicted to drugs, you find it hard to do so and can’t do it by yourself.

The two main types of drugs that are frequently abused and which lead to addiction are prescription drugs such as certain cough medications, sedatives and stimulants, and non-prescription ones such as heroin, ketamine, cannabis and ecstasy which are illegal.

Signs of Drug Addiction

  • Preoccupied with finding and consuming drugs


  • Losing control over drug use
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Drug Addiction

Recovery from drug addiction is a lifelong process. Here in NAMS, drug addicts learn how to build healthy relationships with family and friends, cope with life stressors and stay drug-free.

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